Effective chipmunk trap?

Anyone know of an effective catch and release chipmunk trap?
They are too light to trigger the trap door mechanism in a squirrel trap. Plus they can wriggle out anyway. Amazon listings mention traps for squirrels AND chipmunks, and I already know a squirrel trap doesn't work.
Please, only helpful comments. From people who've found a good one.
No comments like it's wrong, they're cute, they live here too, etc. If that's your comment, please scroll on by. Believe me, if you had them tunneling under your hardscaping and collapsing your paver patio and retaining walls, you'd want them removed too.
Or that I need a cat or dog. Or a rifle. Or a chipmunk stew recipe. I welcome my neighbor's cat into my yard but I've never seen him chase anything.
Thank you.

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