Tangerine / Citrus Tree Losing Bark

last month

Hi Citrus forum,

I'm hoping you can help me diagnose my citrus tree. We inherited this tangerine tree after purchasing our home, and since move-in have noticed that it is shedding/peeling bark. The shedding seems to be travelling further up the tree, but I can't say for certain.

Is my orange tree destined for death? Based on the internet searching I've done, it seems likely the tree is suffering from fungal disease. Is there any particular advice you can provide for which product to apply, and methodology for application?

I have fertilized it once with citrus food, and have lately also been spraying it every couple of weeks with dishsoap and nem oil to combat insect infestation (it suffers from sooty black stuff on the leaves, curled and crimped leaves etc, but most of the leaves seem healthy).

Thank you in advance for your time.

Other details that might be helpful: This orange tree is on the older side, but can't say how old. It is probably 12 feet high, and is still producing a ton of fruit. We live in west-central Los Angeles.