Storage behind bed

Me AGirl
3 months ago

I have nightstands attached to the bed that reach wall to wall. So I would like to make built in shelving behind but over the bed.

id prefer a push in mechanism, so that the doors are not noticeable, and make it look like panelled wall?

any advice of the design?

I saw this turquoise one.

but I like something like the look of this white panelled wall.

some measurements.

19” between wall and side of nightstand.

38” between wall and bed.

Each nightstand is 19”,

total of bed with nightstands is 106”.

floor to ceiling 8’,

headboard to ceiling 65”.

how Wide should I make the panels?

would it be a good idea to use ready made kitchen cabinet doors like ikea but I would not use handles? (As they are for frameless kitchens)?

They have a simple flat white Design, inexpensive of all the cabinets I think HÄGGEBY

Particleboard, Polypropylene, Foil, Melamine foil, Foil, Melamine foil

and make my custom frame. I mainly want shelves.

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