Help! Need Help with White Curtains!

13 days ago

I bought Ikea Ritva curtains and whitened them since the original appeared yellow next to my white blinds, paint trim and ceiling (SW Extra White). I tested a few curtains, one was whitened to a bright white, where the other was whitened so it appears as white, but when sunlight passes through, it shows some of the original warmer yellow color.

My dining room, kitchen and living room share the same space with no divider walls, they each have windows that face a different side of the house. This is making it complicated since the curtains appear different in the different rooms.

The problem I am having is that the curtains look nice in the day, but at night, the curtains look too white next to my warmer kitchen, but look really great in my dining room with the white paint. I think the overhead lighting in the kitchen area may be contributing to the problem.

Also, in the day, the warmer curtain looks nice in the kitchen area, but too yellow in the other rooms, and the whiter curtain can look bluish as the paint color below shows through during different times of the day.

I need your help, what should I do?

BTW—Any advise on what color curtain rods I should do? I was thinking brushed nickel.

NOTE: These curtains are test curtains, the real curtains will be full length and barely touch the floor. Also the dining table will be replaced in the near future and I may need to switch out lamp shades.)

Open to any suggestions. : )

Dining Room at night:

Kitchen Slider at night:

Farther back:

Overhead lights off:

Kitchen Slider at day (Whitest Curtains):

Two different curtains in the day—Left side is warmer curtain and right side is pure white curtain:

Two different curtains in living room—Left side is pure white curtain, right is warmer:

Farther Back:

Warmer curtain in dining room (seems dirty next to white trim):

Whiter Curtain:

Whiter Curtain in living room later in the day (blue paint show through):

Paint Trim:

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