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last month
Looking for advice regarding our countertop selection.

Our cabinets are BM cyberspace (charcoal gray with some navy blue), backsplash is weathered white zellige from CLE tiles, hardware is restoration hardware hounslow in burnished brass and floors are bona natural red oak. There are no upper cabinets. The walls will be zellige to the ceiling.

Ideally we would have a primarily white countertop with light gray veining/movement similar to that which can be found in marble or quartz.

Marble is not practical for us and quartz is too one dimensional (just our personal opinion.). We might consider quartz as last resort, but our island is 68”x110” and we do not want a seem in the island. I generally do not like granite because it is too busy.

That leaves us with quartzite. Most of the lighter quartzite that are not actually marble mislabeled quartzite have creamy-brown colors. We found a few slabs of white pearl quartzite that is creamy, and now here near as brown as some of the other pearl quartzite we’ve seen. We were going to paint all walls in the adjacent rooms (dining, family) white, but not sure that would work with the creamy counters (counters that work take priority over wall color).

I have attached a few photos (lighting in slab warehouse was terrible, the color of slab is a bit cooler than shown).
Yay or nay? Other options?

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