New HVAC and Ductwork Query

2 days ago

Love this forum! Queries- Im in a house built in 1958. Lived here near 25 yrs. Our last ac heat system died in April- and we hired a company to replace it. A Trane XL14 was put in. Its taken me some adjusting with this-its different than the other units we had where it basically flips on and off blasting ac or heat.

The ductwork is original from 1958-it had holes in it and rusted looking. Also also was a older often when air rushed through it. So ductwork also replaced after the new trance system installed.

Query-after new flexible ductwork was put in-the air flow is much much stronger! Which I figured it would be-but it was so strong it was interrupting my sleep. Like the heater-kicks on and it would get hotter in my bedroom than other parts of the house. The installer says its bc he needed to adjust the flow-using the dampers that were part of the new ductwork. So he did adjust the one to my room. Is this typical? Dampers needing to be adjusted with a new system?

Also-new vents were put in 2 rooms in the house due to the old vents being on the wall not the ceiling. Is there much of a difference in cooling/heating where vent is? In my room I just didnt want workmen digging around to find where to put a vent in the ceiling-so left the vent as is-on the wall...Thanks for helping in advance.

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