Will Snow Covered Trees Grow Back Upward?


This is my first post here. Nice to meet everyone.

We recently had a huge snowstorm (Cleveland), and many of our trees were weighed down by more than a foot of snow. Some branches snapped, but others on medium/large-sized bushes just bent and bowed dramatically until they came close to the ground. From what I can tell, the branches and trunks are intact, and nothing has been uprooted.

My question: will they right themselves and eventually grow back vertically again? I’ve heard, of course, that trees and plants grow “toward the sun”, but I’m not sure if that’s a fact that applies here, or just a motivational calendar quote.

I’m not sure the type of trees, but several of them are evergreen bushes, while others are deciduous. I removed as much snow as I could during and after the storm to help the process. (I hope.)

Thank you very much!

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