Trapped in white paint decision hell

Serenity N
last month

I’m de-Tuscaning my early 2000s McMansion. Painting all trim and interior walls to start fresh. I’d like to choose the same white but different sheens. I could choose 1 white for the north side and 1 white for the south side. North side gets good, consistent, cool light. South side is highly variable. It gets pummeled with sun from like 11am-4pm. I want a neutral white (or for it to read neutral in my spaces). I will be changing out all hard finishes in the kitchen within the next 6 months. Counters will be soapstone.

White dove was highly recommended. On every wall downstairs I have painted it, and on my white test board, someone else’s “depth” to me looks like someone smoked a lifetime of cigarettes in a room that used to be white. My master bedroom and another bedroom in my home were painted white dove when we moved in. They get only artificial light, very little natural light, and they look ok. But in my sun filled southern great room, WD looks yellow beige to me.

Chantilly lace is a top contender, but it also feels jarringly white. I also love super white, I used it in my previous home, and to my eyes it seems slightly cooler than chantilly lace. Simply white is too yellow. Someone else’s “warm” is my yellow!

White dove cut to 50% is almost what I am looking for. It seems to brighten it up and remove lots of the yellow/grey undertone. But the “color people” I’ve seen weigh in on other threads recommend to not cut a color, but instead find a paint color close to what you want to make. What color is like White Dove cut 50%? Like in the high 80s LRV? And is there any truth to super white being similar to a toned down Chantilly lace?

Any insight appreciated. I can also share photos of the spaces if it would be helpful.

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