Range Hood Noise Project

4 months ago
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The purpose of this thread is to collect information on the loudness of various range hoods.

The EU requires that all manufacturers publish standardized noise ratings for all hoods for lowest, medium and highest speeds. Unfortunately we do not have this information for hoods sold in the U.S. but we can collect it ourselves on this thread to get a realistic idea of how loud various hoods and configurations are. FWIW, the EU recommends that exposure to noise levels above 53dB(a) be limited to no more than 4 minutes.

To stick w/ EU standards;

  • Measurements should be taken 1m (3' 2") from the front of the hood, 1.75m (5'9") from the floor.
  • Measurements should ideally be done with 'Decibel X' or 'Decibel X Pro' on a recent iPhone (Ideally 8 or newer) if possible. Secondarily on an Android or older iPhone.
  • Stand with the iPhone facing perpendicular to the hood with the iPhone held roughly at arms length. E.G., if you are facing your iPhone then your hood is to your left or right. iPhone should be at about the center of the hood.
  • Measurements should be done in dB(a). E.G., not dB(c)
  • Ideally measurements should be done when there is no other noise. If Ambient is below 32dB(a) that's ideal but I can adjust for higher.
  • Please take 5 measurements; Ambient noise level (hood not running), Hood Low, Hood Med, Hood High, Ambient noise level again. If you can please give a 15s avg as well as peak.

We already have data on four hoods collected in the Hood FAQ and Commercial Hood Install threads. I'll collate the data in a spreadsheet and post a chart in this thread periodically.

Thanks for your help!

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