1 year without backsplash, bachelor needs help!

Mark Huntley
5 days ago

So I remodeled my kitchen over a year ago, and have been feeling like Chidi from the Good Place trying to figure out a backsplash that goes well in the kitchen. I have no idea what will look good, and I have a long history of doing things twice before I get it right.

What type of backsplash would tie everything together. I’m hoping for something that has a bit of character to it but still classic and not overly busy. I’m not sure if a white subway tile would look good, found a beveled longer one that seems to be ok, but if there is something else that might add a bit more character I’m all ears.

Hopefully I can get some help from all the amazing experts on this forum!

The cabinets are pure white/Amherst gray, wall color is Collonade gray, a warm gray color. Countertops are Pentax misterio, a pretty close match for color to the SW Pure white.

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