Kitchen sink/window dilemma

3 months ago

We are just starting to remodel our kitchen. We have our cabinets and are nearing install. I have run into with a design problem with the location of the sink. We have a 36" sink base and I am planning to install a 32-33" single basin sink. I have now realized that the faucet will not be centered on the window with the current layout, it would be about 4 inches to the right of the center of the windows.

One thought I had is to make the faucet off center to the left of the sink's center by 4 inches to be centered on the windows.

My other thought is to move the sink base to the location of the 24" cabinet but the faucet would be off center to the window there too.

I am including the planned layout and the photo of the window with the location of the faucet for either option if the faucet were to be centered on the sink.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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