would love input on blueprint!

8 days ago

We are hoping to build and I would love input on a blueprint. We are approaching retirement, so it is just my husband and I, yet we do have 3 kids and their families that come to visit. The home will be built on 5 acres, and has as much land to the front as the rear. The front faces north. We are looking for a comfortable home, and are not worried about building something "impressive". I would love input. We are contemplating turning the garage to be a side load, but that means that we will lose the window from bedroom 2 (we will use as an office), as well as the "friends and family" entrance. We would like a sunroom (labeled hearth room on plan), but are concerned that what is drawn is buried without enough windows. We have also contemplated changing the pantry so that we are able to have access to the office/bedroom 2 from the kitchen. We also want to be aware of doing anything that is extremely costly, yet balance that with design and livability.

I would love any input/thoughts/criticism


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