7308 KWH used in one month -seems extremely high

3 months ago

We just moved into this 3 yr old home, didn't ask for utility bills before we purchased, figured it's still "new" everything should be good. Everything is electric in the house but we have a zline gas burner top stove-oven is electric. Furnace no heat pump.
7308 kwh for the month
228 kwh per day
32 days in the billing period
avg high temp 38 low 19

Nest thermostat
Nebraska -2 people ( 1 is home all day)

The house has tall ceilings 16ft in kitchen/dining -24ft living room, 1722 sq ft on main floor, kitchen dining room open to living room, loft is 240sq ft open to living room, 1 bedroom on main floor. Unfinished walkout basement, staircase does not have a door, it is finished but open to the basement.

In the loft, there is a large vent probably 12"x12" that the air just blows like crazy through, the previous owner had it covered with leftover carpet and said they keep it closed in the winter-said he wasn't sure why it was put there.
When the furnace is on, you can look down this vent and see directly into the furnace coils-orange glowing!! When you turn the furnace down- it automatically stops, no delay, cuts off immediately.
First-how the heck are we blowing through kwh like that in a month?? And could it be because of how this house was vented with the furnace. I asked our utility company and they said the previous owners used close to 5000kwh last year on their highest bill, and summer their highest was 1600kwh.

Waiting to hear from the HVAC people who came out today, they wanted to talk to the boss before advising what they thought, but he did bring up a heat pump to help with efficiency.

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