Bedroom update renovation

Judy Bombay
8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

new flooring and new wall color and now carpet. . The duvet color is white with silver grey navy blue and teal . Mostly white with just leaves in small areas with the other colors mentioned. Any rug color advice would be much appreciated Thinking of white shears on slider glass door as we are on an acreage and no humans can see in and lots of trees. The wall color is Benjamin Moore pain called Stovington Grey and the floor color is a reclaimed wood color look. I am not techie

so will try my best to get pic. If you go on Quilts Ect. it is the one that is mostly white with silver / gray with navy blue and some teal but just some splashes and mostly white try hitting on duvet that I tried coping it .duvet cover and this is the paint colour Much better than my pic is the color on website An Benjamin Moore Paint Stovington Gray flooring is grey with brown , almost a reclaimed lumber look. Any advice is so much appreciated. Duvet is by Quilts Ect.