Help! My New Old Sink is Causing Decision Paralysis

last month

Hello! This is my first time doing any type of project like this and our kitchen is set to be gutted in two weeks. I have spun myself into a crazy person because I just cannot make a decision about what I want to do. I keep changing my mind and I think that what I want to do will fail. All I know is that I want to use an old 42 inch high back cast iron apron sink that we purchased.

Some context: I live in a modest older (1890's) house. I really don't want white cabinets because they feel too modern to me and because the other (separate) rooms on this floor are all very warm colors with off white or antique white trim.

We are quite sure that the original hardwoods which are in the rest of the house are under the tile currently on kitchen floor, so are counting on refinishing that.

So I know that I will have wood floors and a big white sink. I also know that I will have some open shelving that I will have made in addition to the base cabinets and some uppers.

What I am stuck on is what color cabinets/countertops/shelving to go with?

Here is what I have considered so far:

Creamy white cabinets with soapstone

Creamy white cabinets with something that looks like marble but isn't (maybe a Quartz)

My questions:

1. If I don't like black and white kitchens for this house will a creamy white and soapstone feel different? And can I get away with that with my big white sink in the mix? If I go this route what color appliances should I use?

2. If I go with Quartz what colors should I be considering given sink and creamy cabinets?

3. What are some other options for cabinet colors that are warmer, will work with my sink but won't look dated in a few years?

4. Am I totally wrong to dismiss white cabinetry? That sure would make this easier but it just doesn't feel like the right choice for me.

I feel like the sink (my true love!) is basically running the show here and I just can't figure out how to make this work.

All thoughts appreciated.

Also, If you read this far I am very grateful for your time

:) Sorry for long post.

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