Asbestos in soapstone countertops?

Ashley Lauren
3 months ago

Husband and I were all set on getting a soapstone countertop until I read about asbestos in sculptural soapstone being a concern for stone workers. I realize that sculptural soapstone is a different entity than the countertop material due to talc content, but can someone educate me on if asbestos is a concern for countertops as well? I contacted M. Teixara regarding this but they said they had to forward the question onto their boss as they were unsure. (PS they do sell “certified asbestos free” soapstone for sculpture so said they were aware of this issue but unsure of countertop material). I loved the manipulability of soapstone (scratching out dings and dents etc.), but not if it means I could potentially be spreading asbestos when doing it or every time a scratch or chip happens.

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