Recessed lights in galley kitchen

3 months ago

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has planned recessed lighting in a galley kitchen. From what I’ve read here it seems 4” LEDs on dimmers is the way to go, about 24” from the wall or just past the countertop edge. My question is how to best light a galley kitchen (the cabinets, pantry, range, sink area; past this area it opens up). I have 54” walkway between the two galley countertops. Each side is 80” long. Do I zig-zag the recessed lights? Use 3” lights? I think centering them down the ceiling will create shadows when I’m working at the counter. Any ideas are appreciated (I don’t have the elevation pictures yet but they’re basically long counters with one side having an 18” tall pantry on the end).

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