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We are about to embark on finally redoing our kitchen. We live in an attached townhouse in the Philadelphia area. So narrow, and windows only on 1 side (dark). We are removing the back wall of the house and a back staircase, so we can enlarge the kitchen and bring in the light with windows along the back wall.

I am posting both the potential kitchen layout and the layout of the entire 1st floor when the wall and staircase are removed. One of the objectives of the renovation is to also get in a powder room on the 1st floor. When you look at the floor plan- there is no good spot to get in a powder room. So it needs to go in the kitchen- which I am well aware is a big controversy on Houzz. I have read all of the posts about it and both sides of the debate. We are moving forward with the powder room.

So onto the kitchen aspect. We are a family of 4, 2 kids helping out in the kitchen and enjoying making food (clean up no so much :)). We cook most meals at home, but also do a lot of reheating/microwave use. I can't wait to get a proper hood and ventilation (we currently have an OTR microwave, be happy to see it go). I am planing for a 36 range, and will be moving all of the appliance locations from where they currently are. We currently eat every meal in the dining room as the kitchen is not an eat in kitchen. We plan on continuing to eat most meals in the dining room, with the island as a quick breakfast spot. I would like to open the dining room to the kitchen a bit, but not do an open floor plan. My idea is a large pass through to the Dining Room.

The structural engineer has come out and drawn up what needs to be done. We MUST leave a 3' section of the back wall as well as the 6" stub on the exterior wall, both are shown on both plans. I can not move or shorten it- it is driving the layout. I am considering possibly making the wall a bit longer, so that it would line up with the wall of the powder room (trying to avoid unnecessary jogs in the plane of the wall)- that is the dashed line that extends from the wall in the kitchen plan. It would make the aisle there narrow at 39", but I could narrow the island by 6" to off set that and still have a functional island with 18" of overhang. Thoughts?

One of the aspects that I am not sure about in the plan below, is the placement of the sink, DW and CSO in the island. I like the idea of being able to bring items out of the fridge and then easily put in them in the CSO, I like the trash out of the clean up area, but the DW is located far away from the dishes/glasses. I plan on putting the dishes/glasses in the drawers of the pass through. Do I switch those around? It would then go DW, sink, Trash, CSO. One benefit would be it would offset the sink from the range a bit more. But if I do that then the CSO is far from the fridge.

I am open to all suggestions as long as it is working with the house that I have and not a suggestion to move. Thanks for reading!

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