OT - warning, do not click if you hate deer...

8 days ago

I am lucky re deer - our garden is only 4 blocks from downtown, so our deer come in ones or twos, not whole herds. I actually like them. There was a doe which came only at night, then she got braver and started coming in the day time, but only for 2-3 days, then she would not be seen again for several weeks. Well, last Fall a young buck appeared to my surprise. Here is a pic of them both, resting in the garden near each other. (The doe is on the left under a bush).

The doe kept coming regularly, and I noticed that she was getting bigger and bigger. Today my DH was repairing the fence at the back of our garden, in an area which is quite wild, and yup, he startled a new fawn. So he told me, and I walked around quietly, staying on the driveway so I would not disturb it. Well, here is the first time I saw it. Very very young. To my surprise it made a bee line towards me! Second pic shows it literally at my feet - it was sniffing my knees (are you my Mommy? Do you give milk?). I could not shoo it away, so I walked slowly towards where I knew the doe was (on the way I passed another fawn sleeping in the ivy), and she came and gathered the adventurous one in. Here are two pics of when I first saw the first one. I am putting the last pics into a Comment, in case Houzz thinks there are too many.


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