Appeldoorn but not?

13 days ago

I bought Appeldoorn tulips to add to perennial bulbs planted by the previous homeowner. They look remarkably similar, except i notice the original unknown tulip has a yellow rather than black eye. Anyone know what cultivar this might be?

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  • katob Z6ish, NE Pa
    7 days ago

    Oxford is a red tulip with a yellow center, but it's hard to say if that's what yours is. If you want more of the exact tulip you could just dig the clump when the leaves begin to yellow and spread the bulbs around to new spots. They look like they can use some dividing.

  • Embothrium
    6 days ago

    Sometimes cultivated tulips sport a different base color.

  • peachlilymimo
    Original Author
    6 days ago

    I am now wondering if it’s an Oxford Elite. The edges of the petals in the photo I submitted are yelliowish. I asked a question of the Oxford Elite grower and they did say the interior center is yellow also.