Ella needs advice designing her doggie shower!

9 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

Hi! My name is Ella.

My mom is tired of bending over the bathtub - and trying to bathe me using a big cup! So, she has agreed to build a shower as part of her upcoming laundry room makeover!

While I’m only 10 lbs, I can get ridiculously dirty! I am definitely a “tomboy” - I love to roll around in mud puddles, chase rabbits/squirrels under the deck, and I have a habit of wildly kicking up my hind legs every time I finish “relieving” myself (= dirty paws/nails).

While I am supposedly a morkie (Maltese/yorkie = mutt), my mom is pretty sure that I have some Bichon in me. My fur is EXTREMELY thick and wavy.

I HATE taking baths!!! I would prefer that they are as quick as possible - so I am looking for a handheld shower head/sprayer that will be strong enough to wet down my fur quickly/thoroughly rinse shampoo out as fast as possible.

I also have to share my shower with Sam -

He’s also a mutt (yorkie poo) and weights around 6 lbs. While Sam is several years older than me, I am definitely the one in charge! While he doesn’t get nearly as dirty as me out in the yard, I tend to slobber on him just a bit when I am trying to get his attention while forcing him to play with me.

While our mom has done some research re: doggie shower, we don’t personally know anyone who has built a doggie shower - and we‘d like to make sure that we’ve thought about everything we need/want before starting on this project. The space available is about 36” x 36” currently (washer/dryer are side by side). She is purchasing a new washer and dryer - and has thought about stacking them vertically - hasn’t yet weighed the pros/cons. If she decided to stack them, my doggie shower could be larger if needed.

Any advice/suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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