Need advice/input on possible replacement window/style

7 days ago


So as part of a planned kitchen renovation, where my future sink area will be, there is a pair of double-hung windows. Connecting the two windows is a vertical post that is a full foot wide, obstructing the view into my back yard. The total width of the windows, including the vertical post, is just 61", so that post basically obtructs the middle 20% of the total window space. And it's 48" high.

I'd like to replace that pair of windows with something that doesn't impact the view so much. Ideally something that will be easy to open/close. (The current sink placement is under a single double-hung window, that is so difficult to open/close that we've probably opened it about a dozen times since we moved here - over ten years ago).

Talking to my contractor, he suggested a garden window - which he happens to have one available for free, would just charge me installation. I like the idea of a garden window, but I have a number of concerns, including that the one he has is not the size of my opening - his is 36"x36". So, how would a 36"x36" garden window go into a 61"w x 48"h window space? When I asked him how he would fill the remaining space - I got a vague response along the lines of he'll "figure it out".

I wouldn't want it off-centered, so I'm thinking that he's thinking that 61"-36" = 25", so maybe he's thinking of flanking garden window on each side with a 12.5"w window, like a casement window? And putting something across the upper section? 48"-36"h = 12".


I was originally envisioning something like this if it would fit in a 61" wide space, but looking for advice.

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