Balboa mist too pink, classic gray too light

shaoyi hu
14 days ago

Hello, Team

I am selecting my paint color, I have narrowed down to three colors:

BM Balboa mist, Behr Silver Drop, BM classic gray,

I initially thought Balboa mist will be a perfect color, but... It's too purple-pink

The balboa mist is pretty changing based on different color's flooring, lightening, blabla..

Left -> Right: Balboa mist, Silver Drop, BM classic gray darken 25%

With lights on

I have to say Balboa mist is sometimes perfect, sometimes too warm, too pink, sometimes even purpel,

Silver Drop is very clean, well, it reads some green undertone, but it feels a little boring, a little cold

classic gray is good with a warm undertone, but it's too light even after I dark it by 25%

So my question is:

Is there a warm gray color darker than Classic Gray but lighter than Balboa mist, which reads a little brown but not taking advantage of the gray .... So struggling choosing color and it takes more time select than I expected

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