What layout for a Folk Victorian?

Emily L
2 months ago

There are lots of modest Folk Victorian houses in Texas like those below (also sometimes called Queen Anne cottages, or gable-front-and-wing) and when they are for sale, you can get a peek inside. But I can never figure out what the interior layout looks like (both originally and/or modernized, as powder and laundry rooms have been added, etc.). You can find vintage house plans everywhere online from old plan books, but they never have these houses! The vintage plan books seem to have been intended for suburban lots and are frequently deeper than they are wide. These Folk houses usually look wider, and a bit ramshackle as pieces were added on, but I can't find even a single sketch of an interior plan, even widening my search to other regions of the country! I can't believe that in the era of the internet, if I want to see a floor plan for one of these historic houses I might have to simply visit some myself and measure and sketch them. It makes me want to write a book about it. I did look at a ton of books like The Field Guide to American Houses and Early Texas Houses etc., but these don't show interiors. And from looking at houses for sale, I can tell there have been many ways these folk houses laid out mudrooms and other necessities. A website called Farmhouse Vernacular sketched a bubble diagram without measurements, but that is about what I have found.

I'm so curious if any of you have seen a book like this, or a website, or if you own one yourself and could give me a sketch. Thanks!

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