Help with Crape Myrtle

last month


We just moved to Orlando area. I have a crape myrtle which has been totally neglected by previous owners. It was surrended by loropetalum hedge, I cut down some the closest to the tree already, it will be removed completely. I got to the roots today, the tree was being strangled by some ivy which is growing all over our property, in the hedges, around trees, everywhere (thankfully it is not poison ivy). I started cutting it up and I will treat the cut pieces with poison ivy killer. I am planning to spray or paint just the tips of the cut pieces. Also, I think there is not enough soil between the roots, the upper part was just covered by mulch. I want to get some miracle grow soil and add to the upper part of the roots.

Please advice if what I want to do would be the right thing and if I can make it beautiful again. I wanted to cut it down but my husband insists on keeping it. Also, do you think at this stage of growth, would it make sense to try to make it a single trunk tree? This is what I would like to do the most if we really are to keep it, but if the tree is too old, I will just trim it and fix the roots.

Thank you everyone,



I bought some mulch colorant and will try to dye this hideous mulch brown :)

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