Need advice with seller ac repairs

Christy Cole
2 months ago


we are really stressed out with this house bying process and need some guidance and help here since our agent is of no help.

Our offer got accepted on house(it had no other offers) and in disclosure seller mentioned that ac is not working and they will repair it by July 3rd. We got our inspection done and inspector did notice few flaws with ac unit (not leveled, corrosion at pipe and possible sign of leak). AC unit is 20 year old. We put the repair addendum on contract to get hvac service and repaired by

licensed technician before closing. we kept asking for update on repairs and were told tgey have someone scheduled for July 20th. We didnt hear back from them till 5 min begore addendum exipre time. They sent us receipt dated July 13th which states that ac was low on refrigerant and Freon 22 was filled to repair it. We dont think that refilling the Freon is repair, they just temporarily fixed it rather than finding why Freon is leaking in first place. What are our options? Ask seller to fix it properly or give credit or be on hook to replace the ac in near fututre which is 10-15k



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