My much maligned (by me) Lady in Red is redeeming itself

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Some of you may remember my grumbling about Lady in Red dying back every year. It is supposed to be zone 4 so I expected better. Also for me, not really a climber. More like a nice bush. So if I ever get a true climber that needs the supports we will probably take them from Lady in Red.

But I have to say, during the summer when the beetles are eating most of my roses before the day is out Lady in Red is showing off.

Her flowers are a rich true red. Hard to get a good photo with my camera but today has such a strong smoke overcast that I thought I'd try and they came out pretty good. A couple of roses will have 1 beetle but overall this rose does really well in not attracting them.

Dick Koster seems immune to Japanese Beetles. The bush hasn't grown very much, planted Aug. 2018, but the flowers last a long time. The bush they take cuttings from at High Country Roses is about 3 times this size so I'm expecting over the years it may get bigger. Does not seem to die back so that is promising for eventual size.

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