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Hall bath dilemma

7 months ago

Hi everyone, we ended up buying a house in Seattle afterall... It was completely and newly remodeled so I've been reluctant to make changes, but have yet to fall in love with this hall bathroom (the main one used by guests). I don't know what style it is (I'm also not wild about the other bathroom, but will save that for another day.). It's small but includes a shower, and this large antique-ish vanity with a hammered copper sink and the rope rustic metal mirror and oil rubbed bronze/iron fixtures. I hate the little shades on the lights, the rope, the sink I can't decide if hate or not...everything just feels too heavy and i don't know what it is trying to convey. The baskets are mine and I think they look good on those reclaimed shelves, so I'm thinking...a new sink, mirror and lights? do i need to replace the vanity too or will the other fixes help tone it down? I like that this is a "statement" kind of bathroom, so I don't mind being bold, but I just don't like feeling like I'm in a ship or something. Guests seem to love it, says it feels like a spa, but... I think it's just because it's so 'bold'. Wall paper? Would really love your thoughts! Thank you!

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