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Converting fish tank to terrarium

last year
last modified: last year

Hello all. I've had a fish tank for going on eight years, but it's reached end of life--both with the fish in it (corys and tetras) and in my enthusiasm for it. I was thinking about making it into a terranium, mainly because I'm tired of regular water changes and such.

I'd made the bad decision to get a Fluval Vista 23G tank--bad because it's a non-standard shape, with a curved front, precluding most aftermarket accessories. I can fashion a custom top, if need be (e.g., for custom lighting and/or sealing in humidity).

Considering the size and shape, what would be best suited to this? A desert terranium, a tropical one? I might consider a vivarium, but I know I'm not keen on doing more regular water changes and the like, so I'd need something more self-sustaining. Or does the size/shape not limit me and it's a matter of taste? The more self-sustaining terraniums I've seen are pretty small.

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