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A visit to the High Line on July 20

last year

For those of you unfamilar with the High Line, twenty years ago, a group of people had the idea to turn an abandoned elevated freight train track into a garden in NYC. It took a tremendous amount of work but that plan came to fruition.

Today the High Line contains hundreds of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and bulbs, many native to the area. It also has changing sculptures, an area to buy food, observation points including an area that has a view down part of Manhattan and a water feature where you can did your toes in a running "stream" .

I took a bunch of pictures which are posted below including current artworks. I could have taken a thousand photos and it still would not have captured all of the amazing diversity of plants.

full plant list can be found here:

water running over the "riverbed"

area to sit, rest and city watch

part of the meadow

Scabiosa never overwinters for me, so I'm impressed that theirs does.

sculpture in amongst the plants

across from the High Line

Sculpture by Gabriel Chaile "The Wind Blows Where It Wishes" 2023

Across from the High Line

Pamela Rosenkranz "Old Tree" 2023

This hosta was enormous

This prickly pear is native to the area which blew my mind

This persicaria is beautiful but seeds too much for me to consider it

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