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Hellos and Goodbyes

last month

I've been saying hello to some new seedlings this week, while bidding farewell to 30 cultivars that left the garden.

Here are a few that left the garden this week:

Princess Diary was the hardest for me to part with, but it's an evergreen that I did not think would do well in the north. I will miss this one. It's been a good grower here.

Snow Crystal is an evergreen that never performed well. But it is very white.

Lydia's Regal Robes - It's a beauty and one that I know does OK in the North. But I've always held a grudge against it because it wouldn't set pods for me.

I feel good that those are going to friends and former co-workers.

Here are some new seedlings:

Make It Snappy X White Eyes Pink Dragon 1 - Color is a bit off in the photo. It's more a burgundy red. I like the white edge it has. The bloom is 8.5 inches.

Make It Snappy X White Eyes Pink Dragon 2 - Another one with a very large bloom.

Carolina Cool Down X Crintonic Rain Dances 2

Freedom of Expression X Violet Sabrewing #3

$exy Samantha X Bubblegum Delicious 4 - This one blooms Midseason while the other two are early. Also it's a dormant.

That's all for now!


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