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Catching up again

I posted yesterday, but apparently didn't submit the post and ending up losing it.

The nights have finally been warm enough for the flowers to develop properly even though it is dry. Bob is running all the sprinklers all night until about 5 am and then he gets up and turns them off so the flowers aren't spoiled by the water. The weathermen predicted the possibility of thunderstorms last night, but, alas, they missed us.

This is the first flower we have seen on Tart with a Heart. I don't think it likes our garden. The plant is pretty small.

I have already posted a photo of Spacecoast Nails and Lipstick, but this flower looked so much better I had to post it again. I guess it needs the night heat to make it look good.

The rest of these are small flowered tets. This is Little Man Tait.

i really like Nordic Sunshine. It always has some sort of pattern.

School Bus

My Little Tea Set

Ruffled Nuggets

This is our daughter's seedling. It is Dental Delight X Happy Teeth. It may be an intro in 2025.

That's all for me.


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