Kitchen sink with no window over it

Jennifer Funel
February 5, 2014
We added on to our existing home. There was window to our patio before the remodel. Now there is a clothset behind the sink. What do I do with this awkward space?

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    Turan Designs, Inc.
    This the perfect place to put a mirror with nice mullions.
  • hanks
    Open shelving is in right now. I think you could do one or two shelves and then maybe a wine bottle holder at the top. Something that blends it well. Just a thought. Not a designer.
  • lucidos
    Have lighting added internally, build shelves for spices and cover with shutters. It will add a wonderful diffused subtle light to the kitchen.
  • raynel
    My sink area is like yours, no window above it. I went to Ikea, got a rail and s-hooks, then hung some pretty kitchen towels and pot holders on it. I swap out items on it every now and then to change it up. Right now, I have a set of silver looking cooking utensils and pot holders on it.
  • bears72
    A mirror that looks like a window works great.
  • Giuseppina Kilgallon
    A nice kitchen print with some colour in it to lift your spirits
  • Sarah McColm
    If I had that space I'd definitely use it for a plate rack - which is fairly traditional I think (so the wet plates could drain into the sink maybe?).
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    LB Interiors
    I agree with some others, I've used a mirror over the sink. I think it feels the best. The space does not close in on you. You will be able to see the area behind you.
  • Mark
    I agree with the mirror idea. Find a mirror that has an interesting frame/pattern. Something with texture, for example metal would look nice. See the picture pillow.
  • xt885
  • PRO
    MS Colours Inc
    A good muralist could make this space very interesting.
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    Wendt Design Group
    A friend of mine took an old window with the glass, it had six panes to an artist. The artist painted a wonderful continuous scene that was painted from the back side on the glass. This made for a dramatic and surprising way to treat a problem area. I would also install small tiles with while, grays and maybe some other colors all around the window on the walls and under the cabinets to finish off the space; paint the window sill a dark color to match the granite. A colored matt opaque glass tile will pull in the white sink, dark countertop and the cabinets so it relates.
  • Diane
    I took a stained and beveled window and put a mirror like material behind it. This kept the window from getting too heavy. Loved it.
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    Carolina Home Design & Construction LLC
    Here is a photo of what we did on a project with the sink not under a window. This is a mirror behind a frame made to mimic a window. I think this is what Turan Designs had in mind.
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    Patricia Colwell Consulting
    So to be a pain if you had run the cabinets straight across it would have worked, the idea of having a window above the sink is because before dishwashers women spent most of their time there and it kept them from going stir crazy to be able to see outside. Now that said i guess I would go with the mirror idea seems the best to me.
  • stuntchick
    make it a niche with some shelves. Incorporate it with the backsplash tiles. It will look like it was done on purpose. Would make a great spice rack
  • Valecrest
    There are lots of really nice glass tile options available pretty in expensively at local home centers and even specialty tile stores. I suggest glass because you would get a high impact with the glossy surface and it would be easy to keep clean.

    You don't need much so even with higher end materials this would not be a costly option. Of course you could also add a complimentary backsplash to tie the whole kitchen together. It actually a pretty easy do-it-yourself project...
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    The Swedish Organizer
    I have a similar space in my home, and I have used Pottery Barn's Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelving and Accessories to make a tea/coffee station. On a side note, tea and coffee is actually light sensitive, so unless you are a heavy tea drinker like me, used closed tins. I rotate so much that for me it is not an issue, and I like seeing what I have on hand.
    Here is the link to the PB Shelving:

    If you don't have space for something like that, a plate rack is always great.
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    Design Details
    You have the same headroom issue standing in front of a range or cooktop. Why not treat the wall in a similar way by creating a mosaic cartouche with some dramatic lighting. The mirror idea looks good from an angle but I'd feel a little self-conscious with somebody (myself) staring at me through the "window".
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    Cindy Sherman, AKBD
    Whatever you decide to do in that faux-window area (plenty of ideas have already been given) needs to be followed by a completed tile backsplash. Remove that additional slab that is topped off by that ledge. Increase the size of the ledge or carry the tile through there, it just appears kind of small in comparison. Also a nice task light (pendant, recessed, sconce) would brighten the space.
  • Marilyn Maya Mendoza
    I'm about to remodel my kitchen without upper cabinets or window above sink. My window is on the side. I'm thinking about putting some kind of mirror above the sink splash but am worried about the cleaning factor. Any ideas of mirrors that are easy to clean or is this an oxymoron?
  • lucidos
    Marilyn you need to start your own thread this is a very old one. As far as a mirror over the sink I may have a solution for you that being a lighted shuttered recess (think medicine cabinet ) you can keep kitchen supplies or spices in. When closed and the internal light on it looks like a window.
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  • ninigret

    we lost the sink window in a similar renovation, i had it tiled. i'd remove the old sill and the extra piece of backsplash.

  • ninigret

    if it was cabinets across your nose would be uncomfortably close to them for long periods of time. silly.

  • Candle Light Interiors Steven Durham
    A mirror with some flowers.
  • acm

    A vote against a mirror -- it would look great from across the room (especially the window-looking one), but who wants to watch their tired selves wash dishes in the evening? :(

    It's possible that you could continue cabinets across that space, if you could use more storage, but I think that open shelves would be great with really good under-shelf lights to add some sunshine and brightness right there.

  • sheilaskb

    You might find some marble-veined tile (about four inches square) in a pretty color you like and install it in the recessed place. Then, find narrow trim tile in the the darker color of the tile and install this around the edge of the recessed place and on the outside rim so it has the effect of a picture frame. Then, you might hang a mirror, holiday wreath, or framed picture in the recessed place; just be sure to include a hook when installing the tile.

  • jonathan3

    Hang a mirror and see how it feels. It will reflect light to the work space and help you converse with people in the room. A mirror with a picture frame would be beautiful here.

  • Kat Griffith
    I had the same problem and was lucky enough to find an antique window frame and put a mirror behind it. I also incorporated a glass shelf for plants and a grow light to make it brighter. Good luck with your space!
  • Laurie
    Mirror! Definitely gives depth to the area.
  • patrinkac
    What is a cloth set. Xqs my ignorance,
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    Design Details

    What I usually do when cabinets cross in front of a sink is to reduce the depth a few inches and shorten the bottom a similar amount. That gives you storage but also creates an attractive relief. I know an architect who likes to carry the cabinets straight across but I refuse to do it because most people don't like cabinets up in their face.

  • PRO
    flair lighting

    add a back lit piece of stained glass. or antique mirror. frame it like a window. put a pretty 3 rack plate holder...what about a spice rack? or you could have it sheet rocked, and remove the ledge.

  • angecom7

    kitchen sink without a window

  • albsandv

    hi, to the original poster (jennifer), can i ask how wide that width between cabinets is? i'm in a similar predicament!

  • tudorcottage has a great idea. Frame in a stained glass piece of art above the sink as if it were a window, with back lighting. I am doing the same thing in my new renovation with my stained glass piece of art above my sink.

  • PRO
    Laqfoil Ltd.

    I would either do a mirror, spice rack, or vase.

  • auntthelma

    Tile Mural, Dr-Island Time With Window by Diane Romanello · More Info

    A tile mural?

    I like the idea of glass shelves or wine glass hanging shelves.

  • PRO
    LB Interiors

    This is a 2014 post.

  • PRO
    Smashing Art Studio
    A glass mosaic. Not a tile mosaic a glass mosaic art piece. Like this custom one that I made.

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