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Hey there, I need help building a swimming pool over a garage.

February 16, 2014
It obviously needs to be structually sound. It will be in the roof of the garage and extend over the driveway if possible. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :-}

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  • Denita
    I never thought about a rooftop pool except in a commercial application. However, it appears that they do exist! Here are a few inspiration photos that you can click though to the product info that might help you (at least a starting point for research)
    402 Redbud · More Info

    Berkshire Pool House · More Info

    Additions & Renovation - South Beach, FL · More Info

    Florida Island House · More Info
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  • Denita
    To get it to extend, you might have to do something like this one
    Sydney Waterfront · More Info
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  • sokkies7
    Thank you very much. I was thinking along the lines of this photo.....
  • Denita
    Beautiful! You definitely need an architect/engineer. I can't imagine how heavy that load is with the water. It certainly is an outstanding look.
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  • tsudhonimh
    You need a structural engineer to draw the plans and present the plan to the permit department.

    and you need to win the lottery to pay for it.
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  • sokkies7
    Thank you for your input. Agree on the weight; knew it would to be a lot of tonnage with the water etc. Ideas were wanted to give to the architect so they could see what was in mind. Not looking to have the glass in it but the idea of building it out is key. Thanks again.
  • PRO
    Contemporary Pools & Spas LLC
    If the pool is going on top of a structure or elevated, my suggestion would be to look in to stainless steel pool shell with a supporting system of steel girders. This a common building practice in large cities such as New York. It works well and allows for movement without cracking the shell.
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