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Sebastian Rhodes

Figuring out what you should keep and what should go can be rough, especially when not everyone is as great at not keeping things they can do without. Personally I have trouble getting rid of stuff, so I tend to put
stuff in storage first to see if I can really do without. I've used Closetbox,
which was convenient for my schedule especially considering that they picked
up for me.

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Jill Krol

After moving some stuff across country not just once, but twice, I am now downsizing. I no longer give dinner parties for 30 people, so I gave myself permission to donate my Grandmother's china after choosing a few special pieces that I wanted. Perhaps your way would be to keep 2 place settings. Anyway, I also donated a lot of the crystal and kept 6 glasses that I would use. I donated it to Women's Space for any woman who might need dishware. It made me feel good, helped others, and I know my Grandmother won't be needing it again (RIP, she passed over 25 years ago). I gave a pair of twin bed mattresses to a friend for her daughters (they were in good condition). I still have enough for 3 bedrooms... Some things I plan to keep and repurpose. My triple dresser will don a thick cushion and become a window seat with storage. Another chest of drawers will go in a closet. Some shelving units will go in the garage. Eventually, if I don't need it, I will sell or donate it.

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Robin Adams
Thanks, took my notes and now will set a plan with help of my children to tackle my mothets home.
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