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Paula Ruffin

Interesting comments...things you don't think about like reaching in and turning on the water and waiting for it to heat up!! Thanks for that ever so simple comment that I may not have even considered in my upcoming bathroom renovation!

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Find it somewhat mystifying how people reply borderline rudely on choices made by strangers. This is their home. They get to do what they want with it. Debating tub versus shower really is a first world problem. Whatever your new home has, you will adapt or change it. Pick your home for the 'hood, parks schools, not the tub/non-tub. Unless it is an investment property, do what works for your family and don't worry about resale 15 years from now. I don't have a dining room. I opted for a large kitchen with room for a 8' harvest table. It's how we live. And when we go to sell after our kids move out, someone who lives like we do, will buy it. BTW, love your clean lines and fresh colours. Nice job!

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