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jones | haydu is a San Francisco based studio established in 2004 by principals Hulett Jones and Paul Haydu. We are a young and thoughtful firm with a demonstrated interest in innovative solutions, attention to craft and detail, and a desire to enrich each project with a distinct narrative. Combining over thirty years of experience in architecture, design, and interiors, we have worked on commercial, institutional, hospitality, and residential projects in several states. We are a growing studio that strikes a balance between large firm experience and small firm intimacy.

Our philosophy is centered on a specificity in each design problem and solution. We foster ideas and concepts informed by the unique nature of the client, the site, and the program. In so doing, we strive to unify aesthetic invention, functional sensibility, social and environmental responsibility,and economic reality. Rather than imposing a unified style upon user and circumstance, we seek inspiration from them. At the core of this philosophy is the goal to have architecture enhance one's experience.

We are driven by the idea that architecture comprises and emerges from numerous forces and stimuli, some apparent, others hidden. With a focus on communication and exploration, we understand that dialogue is essential and allows both a clearer understanding of the clients and their concerns as well as the emergence of less apparent, though deeply resonant desires. During these discussions, a layered design melding the essential functional needs with more emotive and sensory gestures takes shape. Ideally, each design goes beyond the pragmatic requirements and aesthetic desires and allows for rich connection, discovery, and wonder.

Services Provided
Architectural Design, Bathroom Design, Building Design, Custom Homes, Green Building, Home Additions, Home Remodeling, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Remodeling, Sustainable Design

Areas Served
San Francisco

Certifications and Awards
We have received several awards from both professional organizations and publications. For a listing of awards, please visit.
Contact: Hulett Jones
Location: 1 Arkansas Street, D2
San Francisco, CA 94107
License Number: CA C27961
Commented: Lovely! Hi Daus, The vanity and sink are custom made.
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Commented: What type of tile is on the side walls? Hi. It's pretty standard 3x6 glazed white tile.
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Commented: Where is the vanity from and what type of tile is used? the vanity is a custom design. the tile is made by heath.
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Commented: Blue tile color the tile is back painted glass, with a custom color. there was no official name of the color. it is somewhere between what i would call aquamarine and turquoise.
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Commented: Beautiful kitchen it is a natural stone called pietra cardoza.
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Commented: Is this a smaller bathtub? this is a 5' tub.
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