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Curtain Rods

If your next big project is to dress your windows up with curtains, a complementary curtain rod is a must. While you may initially assume a rod is a rod and therefore you won’t have many options to choose from, nothing could be further from the truth. Just like curtains themselves, curtain poles and curtain rails come in dozens of styles and materials, including with decorative details like finials. Determining which style is right for you depends on your window frame size, style of drapes and personal preferences. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Materials and accents aside, how do I choose the correct curtain rod?

The biggest influences on your selection should be the style of drapes you’ve selected as well as the amount of space available around your window. If the top of your window is close to the ceiling, you may want to consider a ceiling-fixed unit. Some recessed windows may require a tension rod. If you have a bay window, a specially designed bay window curtain pole is the way to go. If you’ll be opening and closing your curtains often and want something that provides a smooth glide every time, consider installing a curtain track. Lastly, a double curtain rod allows you to hang two different styles of curtains over one window, so you can double up with sheer and heavy materials, allowing you to let light in or block it out. Don’t forget to make sure that whatever you choose is hefty enough to support heavy drapes if that’s what you’re planning to hang.

How wide should my curtain pole be, and how high should I install it?

To allow your curtains to be pulled back, the rod should extend beyond the width of your window on either side by 4 to 8 inches. If you’re adding finials, don’t forget to add them into your measurements, too. As for height, you’ll want your curtain pole to sit approximately 6 inches above your window to provide maximum light coverage. Depending on the length of your curtains, you may decide to install it at a slightly higher or lower spot. For more information on curtain length and rod height, refer to our Curtain Measurement Guide.

What types of finials are available for my curtain rods?

Finials are the decorative ends of a rod. They provide an opportunity to add an extra dose of style with endless options. You can choose from materials such as wood, metal, mother-of-pearl or glass, as well as a variety of styles and designs. Consider what type of statement you'd like to make, as well as what will complement your curtains and decor, when choosing your finials.
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Featured Reviews of Curtain Rods

Basket Weave Curtain Rod, Rubbed Bronze
Curtain Rods
Oct 16, 2017
These look nice: Again - I wasn't thrilled with the hardware to instruction part. Just use your common sense - it said to use a 1/4" drill bit. Not a good idea! The end result does look good though!
Sparkling Ball Curtain Rod, Silver
Curtain Rods
Nov 28, 2017
Lovely: Came packaged well. All sparkles on balls were in tact. The product is exactly what I imagined it would be and I am very happy with my purchase. This curtain rod really brings together the look I was going for.
Globe Curtain Rod, Black, 120"-170"
Curtain Rods
Feb 16, 2016
The Curtain Rod: Very nice curtain rod. The delivery was fast and was package very good!! I'm happy with Houzz and their desire to help the customer answer any questions on their purchase . Thanks again Houzz !
Versailles Privacy Wraparound Rod Set, Antique Brass, 48/86"
Curtain Rods
Jul 18, 2016
Sleek, functional: The wrap around design is the reason I purchased this item, and it does allow the curtain to wrap around to the wall, preventing light or views passing between the wall and the front of the curtain. Good for a bedroom. As with all these pocket rod type curtains, it can be trick to open and close the curtain the way I want to without curtain rings. I'm considering using rings, and it will be easy to fit onto the curtain rod before connecting it on the mounting hardware. Straightforward installation. Was able to install without any assistance.
RoomDividersNow Ceiling Track Sets, For Spaces up to 36' Wide, Small, 3' - 6'
Curtain Rods
Mar 10, 2017
Even came with a little saw!: This really worked well for my need and I was super happy that it even came with a little saw. I don't have a lot of metal saws around my house, so it was nice that I didn't have to make a special trip for this one use. I did have to purchase more wheeled hooks from their Amazon store, but I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to buy another set of tracks for my studio.
1" Steel Ball Drapery Curtain Rod, Black, 84"-120"
Curtain Rods
Mar 14, 2017
Don't drop it!: Beautiful. Bold. Bought 2 rods 28" to hang drapery panels on either side of LVR window. I took a star away because I dropped it on the tile floor and it dented the ball pretty good. But I got lucky. I just turned it to the back and you cannot notice it.
Camino Decorative Rod and Finial Lancaster, 28"-48" Wide
Curtain Rods
Apr 30, 2017
Great Buy: We bought this Rod to replace the one that we had up that was sagging because of the weight of the drapes. We could not be happier with this new Rod. The Rod is attractive and very sturdy. We can now open and close our drapes without any trouble. The Rod was delivered within 2 to 3 days. I would recommend this to anyone.
3/4" Pinecone Adjustable Curtain Rod, Bronze, 48"-84"
Curtain Rods
Oct 5, 2017
FInally ready to replace my wonky bamboo rods for real curtain rods and not unhappy in the slightest. I thought they'd be painted more in sync with the rods, but who knows, I'll probably end up loving them too.: FInally ready to replace my wonky bamboo rods for real curtain rods and not unhappy in the slightest. In fact, we love the curtain rods. We as in (even) my husband. Who installed them in minutes. I love the goldenrod-ish hue of the rods and the only thing I'm bumping up on are the pinecones, my daughter adores them. I thought they'd be painted more in sync with the rods, but who knows, I'll probably end up loving them too. It was a tough choice, I almost went for the bird curtain rods, but since we have a cat who likes to hunt, I didn't want her killing my curtains.
11/16" Oval Spring Tension Rod 22"-36", Black
Curtain Rods
Feb 21, 2018
tension rods: These were as advertised and not easy to find in a dark color. I finally went to Houzz and there they were. This was the second time I ordered them and they are perfect when used with a darker fabric in wood interior windows. They came in the time frame stated and were very well packaged. Of course I highly recommend them, I bought them twice!!!
3/4" Adjustable Fish Curtain Rod, Pewter, 84"-120"
Curtain Rods
Oct 2, 2015
Adorable: Loved the curtain rods with the fish finials, had been looking for some time for something like these, very happy to have found them. Will look great in my husband's "Bass room" with the bass valance.

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