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Beginner's Guide to Home Remodeling
Everything you need to get started with confidence
Your Project Checklist
Make a Plan
Gather ideas and inspiration
Set a timeline
Determine your priorities and budget
Get Started
Find your team
Define project plans
Sign contracts and organize permits
Get It Done
Shop for materials
Make living arrangements
Start building
Who should I hire?
Learn about home renovation professionals and their unique skills to pick your perfect team.
Who they are
Professionals who design buildings and oversee their construction.
Why you should hire
Architects demystify complex projects, making it easy to navigate structural changes and aesthetics.
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Interiors Designers
Who they are
Creators of beautiful and functional spaces, uniquely designed for you.
Why you should hire
Interior designers maximize both style and function — and those who invest in interior design are more satisfied with the results.
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Design-Build Firms
Who they are
Providers of design and construction services under the same roof.
Why you should hire
Design-build firms conveniently manage everything from within, making it easier to stay on schedule and budget.
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General Contractors
Who they are
Professionals who oversee and manage complex construction projects.
Why you should hire
General contractors are masters of managing teams of skilled tradesmen (e.g. plumbers, carpenters, electricians).
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Completed Projects
Common Questions, Answered!
How do I avoid common pitfalls?
What are common pricing structures?
Who should I hire and how do I choose?
How should I think about my budget?
What is a reasonable timeline?
How do I manage a project?
How to find the right pros
Now that you learned the basics, the next step is to hire professionals to execute your project. There are three ways you can find pros:
To browse on your own
click below to find pros, see finished projects, and read client reviews.
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If you are unsure how to choose
answer a few questions so Houzz can find and connect you with the right pros.
To speak with someone
Houzz representatives can guide you through the hiring process.
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