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POLL: Ping Pong vs. Pool Table

Emily H
June 6, 2014
If you only have room for one, which one would you choose and why?

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Comments (120)
  • amycarman
    Ping pong tables fold half up for one person play/practice. Ours goes outside in the summer. Also easy to fold up and roll aside when space is needed.
  • FeelsLike Heaven
    We have both at our vacation rental in the Poconos, PA. We have a pool table in the family room and a ping pong table in our game room. If I had to choose one I think it would be a pool table. Like most already said, you can always get the ping pong table topper that rests on top of the pool table.

    A pool table just adds a lot of class to the decor, a ping pong table not so much. :)
  • mommagottachat
    Ping pong:
    Moves easily so your space remains flexible
    Not intimidating - it is a rare person who won't pick up a ping pong paddle
    Brings out the happy in kids and adults
    MUCH less costly to buy, maintain, and move
  • tlilbit
    Air Hockey is our family fave!
  • makaloco
    I enjoy both and don't have space for either. But I voted for pool because I can play it by myself without modifying the table.
  • Bo Pagliasotti
    both...put a ping pong table top on a pool table...lift it off when you want to play pool.
  • Thomas Vowell
    Ping Pong is my all time choice. Pool table does look better for sure and perhaps more people would opt for it than ping pong. But ping pong can be a lifetime of fun mixed with light exercise plus several varieties of games. Fun fun!
  • PRO
    Thos. Baker
    I grew up with both, but prefer pool because it's casual and relaxing.

    Christi, on behalf of Thos. Baker
  • raish
    maybe air hockey would be cool or Foosball
  • girlfriend25
    Just a warning, it's difficult to find a house that has the room for a pool table.
  • Lynda
    We are more likely to play cards or board games, so I picked "other" as I'd prefer a games table. We have a decent sized bonus room (about 450 sf), but with TV area (with couch and chairs) plus a table for games (right now we are using a round dining table, but want to change out to an actual games table at some point) plus a shelving unit as a make-shift bar, there just isn't room to add something as big as pool table or ping pong.

    If we had the space, though, I'd choose a pool table.
  • gbknitter
    My ping pong table doubles as a drapery/sewing table!
  • Barb Wise
    gbknitter, my sister I and grew up both sewing clothes in our basement. We each got half of the ping pong table as our work area.
  • vbadgett
    Our family prefers a shuffle board table.
  • nlkwok
    I have a nice pool table and bought from the same pool table company a Ping-Pong top. The Ping-Pong top also serves as the top of our formal dining room table which we cover with a nice tablecloth so no one knows it's a pool table until I remove the tablecloth. So my table serves as 3 useful tables (pool, Ping-Pong, and dining). We love it!
  • PRO
    FK Interior Design
    Pool table, much more fun for guests!
  • armipeg
    I say POOL TABLE.....because after you are done playing pool you can very easily convert it to a Ping-Pong table.
  • Maraly
    We have an empty room and got it for not a lot of money!
  • Suzie Lemoine
    I've had both. They are both dust collectors.
  • Rosie Tighe
    If you put a pool table in a loft, you're never getting it out. Good luck moving that hunk of slate. Ping pong can be disassembled and moved easy-peasy.
  • vbnet
    airhockey and if foosball if there's enough room. Had them all. Pingpong, need 2 players and seldom do 3 or 4 play. Pool, need the additional space all around to be able to shoot. The airhockey always seemed to be the most fun.
  • printesa
    We have a ping-pong in the basement, my sister-in-law has a pool table and that works fine (we are neighbors). We want to get an air-hockey table as well and maybe, at some point a pinball machine. They get used from time to time, especially when it's too cold outside
  • Ngọc Huyền Ngô
    I think pool table is more flexible, I can play it myself of with my family, my friends. But I vote for ping-pong table because of that room, very cozy nook.
  • moroccanrobin
    I agree with Rosie Tighe. We have a pool table, which requires professional help for moving & setting up, and it rarely gets used. It's heavy, requires a lot of space, and is expensive. A ping pong table, by comparison, would be inexpensive and easy to pack up and store when not in use. Honestly, I use the pool table more for folding laundry than for playing pool!
  • magnolian
    When I was a child, my family had the combination pool/ping-pong table. If I had the space, I would get the same set. So, my vote is for "both".
  • jeremycarter
    Pool table because you can't drink and play ping pong!
  • curtis99
    Ping-pong all the way. We've had up to 30 people playing at one time. Great for our big parties.
  • J K
    Although I enjoy both, I feel as though a pool table adds more character to a home.
  • Joan Davis
    love them both-& i'd like a reversible one but to choose i'd say for now ping pong to get execise
  • Alicia Long
    We have a ping pong table top for our pool table!
  • bevdowler
    Never had a pool table but think it would be relaxing to shoot a game or two to.clear head before bedtime.
  • PRO
    SoCal Contractor
    Ping pong is amazing! However, a pool table is a bit less messy (especially when dealing with novices) and it is more likely to be used.
  • 352352
    Pool tables are more fancy and fun. Table tennis is hard
  • Mary Gardier
    Is there such a thing as an outdoor ping-pong table?
  • doubleditto
    I'm not good with my hands and I don't like them either so if you like racket sports-ping pong and if you like stick games-pool.
  • FatCat
    I have to vote pool table because everyone can have a go and it's low key. Table tennis is too dynamic both physical and noisy.
  • andj32
    We have pool & foosball in the basement. Used to have an air hockey table to but got rid of it because it was old & looked too tacky with everything else in the room.
  • Tony McIntyre
    I'd have the ping pong table because I have a pool table in my holiday home in turkey
  • Joan Davis
    i love pool tables and ping pong tables but with ping pong you get to have alittle exercise,which is important even if it's just chasing a ping pong ball
  • Misty Brown
    Ping pong! Here is my ping-pong dining-room table ... another idea for double duty. :-)
  • tw123456

    Both plus air hockey. It is too much trouble to have to move the ping pong top in order to shoot pool. We have our kids and grand kids, and we all play something different sometimes. The youngest one who is able to play, plays with granddad, and nana is six, she loves challenging us with these table games. We all have lots of fun.

  • tw123456

    Marygardier, yes there are outdoor ping pong tables. Google outdoor ping pong, or table tennis.

  • Aimee Linn Kaplan

    Anyone know what the minimum ceiling height would be to comfortably play ping pong? We have an antique home with fairly low basement height (prob 7 ft.). thank you.

  • printesa

    7ft is low, but it works if you playing just for fun

  • PRO
    Ferrugio Design + Associates
    There's more interaction for groups with a pool table
  • PRO
    Big Sky Billiard Supply

    I would put a pool table with the ping pong table top conversion kit. I love ping pong, but I don't want to play it all the time. I love playing pool when we have family over to dinner and Ferrugio Design is right, there is more interaction with a pool table.

  • PRO
    Billiard Factory

    Pool table games are perfect for a larger group.

  • chookchook2

    We would love both!

  • vrrg85

    ping pong would draw more players without committing to an entire game like pool :)

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