Loft area design: Windows and Skylight ideas.

Daniel Garcia
7 years ago
Hello, doing a pretty BIG remodeling in my house with a whole new floor and taking existing bedrooms and making them into new Master Bedroom and bath. Below are our conceptual drawings.
New Floor Design:
Elevations Design:

Currently I need to finalize my structural changes in design so we can submit to country for approval but really confused on what windows to put on back of house where we are going to have the large open area. I am also considering doing the roof like the image below:
Modern Twist on Tradition · More Info

However, the whole roof like the image above may be an overkill so thinking of doing only in the middle, above the french door. Any thoughts on these skylights and what type of windows to use. The current long transom ones that don't open are OK, but thinking I should go with wider but shorter ones. And just stack another set on top. Any thoughts and ideas would be very helpful. THANK YOU!

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