mistake made using coir baskets, any hope?

11 years ago

I decided on getting some cherry tomato plants for hanging baskets on my deck instead of using flowers as usual. I'd never used coir basket liners before, they always look so pretty, so I thought, why not?

Now I know why not. All the water just pours out of the sides of the baskets. The soil doesn't seem to be especially dry yet, but we've had rain, and it's early in the season.

Any ideas on what I can do now that the plants are already planted? I don't want to replant because they have grown and I'll damage them if I try to remove them. I was thinking maybe sliding some clear plastic along the sides to try and retain some moisture. I don't know what kind, I was going to go to a craft store and see what they have.

I'm open to other suggestions on how to salvage this year's plants. If I use these again I will definitely line the baskets with plastic before putting in the soil,allowing for drainage of course.

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