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DIY Seed Tape -- It worked!!!!!!!

13 years ago

Hi folks,

Last year I read on GW and other places that I could make my own seed tape with cheapo toilet tissue and Elmer's white school glue. Well.......

First -- I thought the glue would go through the toilet tissue and stick to my table. Right! -BUT- I took care of this problem by putting the strips on top of plain old wax paper.

Second -- I thought the glue would not melt after I put the seeds in it and the seeds therefore would not sprout. Wrong!

Third -- I thought the birds and/or squirrels would pull the paper out of the dirt. Wrong!

I put the DIY seed tape in the ground last week with carrot seed and today I have about 90% germination!! Here is what I did.

I folded cheap 2-ply toilet tissue in 1/2 and cut it in 1/2 making 4 strips about 18 inches long (each strip). I laid each strip on a 2 inch wide strip of wax paper. I put a VERY small dot of white Elmer's school glue every 1 & 1/2 inch. I dropped 2-3 carrot seeds on each dot of glue. I left the entire thing until the glue was dry. Yes, the glue does stick to the waxed paper -but- a very slight tug and it comes apart.

From now until forever I will never purchase seed tape again. I made the tapes for the carrot variety I wanted to grow and for the lettuce variety I wanted to grow.

Just thought I would share this technique.


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