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Container potato harvest

A long story short:

-Two 10 gallon wooden containers

-One 20 gallon plastic tub

-Planted approx 2 pounds total of Russet seed potatoes

-Harvested 40 pounds total from 3 containers

Largest potato over 9"


Harvest drying in garage


Cross-section of potatoes growing in plastic tub




Comments (7)

  • krismast

    That's so cool! Congrats on the great harvest!

  • Ohiofem

    Great job, Ed! Can you tell us how long it was from planting to harvest? And what soil mix you used? I harvested about 15 pounds from 1 pound of Russian banana fingerlings in a 19-gallon container and 20 pounds of German butterballs from 2 pounds of seed potatoes in a 49-gallon tub. All tasted great, but the potatoes were tiny in both cases. A lot of marble sized spuds. I put them in around March 15 and harvested on August 10 because the tops completely died back. I think I would have had larger potatoes if I could have kept them growing longer.

  • PRO

    Look at you go!! ;-) Strong work, Ed ..... and that's one scary helper you have there!


  • jonfrum

    That's very nice production!

  • edweather USDA 9a, HZ 9, SE GA

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

    Ohiofem, I planted one of the wooden containers in mid March during the heat wave, and the other 2 containers in early April. Not sure how much I gained with the March planting because the weather got cold again and they took forever to come up. So, the one container grew almost 7 months, and the other 2, six months.

    The mix was one year old reconstituted 511. Basically last years mix with maybe 1 part fresh pine bark mulch.

    I planted the 2 wooden tubs probably a little too dense, and the spuds were smaller than the plastic tub that I planted sparser. Less seems to be more in this case. Also noticed that the potatoes kept growing up in the container and appearing at the surface. I added a few inches of mix a couple of times to cover the showing potatoes and to make up for settling.

  • ljpother

    Do the potatoes have scab or insect damage or is it just dirt?

  • jonfrum

    Crowding does produce smaller spuds. Different varieties can take different spacing, so you need to do some research.

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