What vegetable plants will squirrels eat?

June 20, 2007

I am fighting battles with squirrels in my backyard and badly loosing the war. I have an old peach tree and plum tree in my backyard. I also have three vegetable beds and I grow some vegetables in containers. This year I covered the entire plum tree in bird netting to prevent squirrels eating all the plum. Mostly I have been successful. Every year the squirrels ransack my peach tree, this year I covered only 1/4th of the tree in bird netting. I left the rest 3/4th of peaches for the squirrels.

But I guess after feasting on fruit they need some salad. They have been chomping on my eggplant and okra leaves. I had covered these plants in bird netting too, but it looks like they sneaked underneath the netting or maybe they just ate through the netting. The poor plants have lost most of their leaves. So my thinking is that I will make cubes from pvc pipes and enclose the plants in raised netting.

Will the squirrels eat bellpepers? They haven't touched zucchini or bitter gourd leaves, or italian squash leaves... Any advice on how to deter them?

Thanks in advance


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