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Nanking cherry hedge in bottomless containers?

12 years ago

I want to plant a short hedge at the back of my yard, only 3 to 5 Nanking cherry bushes over 12 to 15 feet of space. The problem is that I can't dig because of buried cables. (I know the hedge will have to come out if they need to do maintenance, but I don't care. NK's are cheap and fast growing.). Previous owners put down landscape fabric and mulch, then next owners let grass grow into it. Since I can't dig, the plan is to smother the grass and plant the bushes into 1' square bottomless concrete containers. Do you think the roots will penetrate the mulch/fabric underneath? Will Nanking cherries be happy in such small containers, if the roots won't grow down? How about winter, would they survive being a few inches out of the ground? We are in zone 5a, but last winter did not have persistent snow cover. Water is not a problem, the yard drains to that point and I can always water them in a dry spell. I welcome suggestions and would love to hear about your experiences!

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