Small GH question. I mean really small GH

9 years ago

Looking at getting this 2x4 tool and patio lean to GH, mainly for seedlings and such. I know i know, should be looking at something bigger, but i just dont have the real estate, or money, but i want to start to expand my growing horizons into the greenhouse realm. I did a search, everyone here pretty much has bigger GHs, so im asking, am i off the mark here in thinking this would be a good first step? or would this be a waste of money?

My thinking is that i could use it for seedlings in the spring, and maybe some potted stuff in the fall/winter. Also thinking i could fit my composter inside it for the winter helping that process along. in the end it could hold my few tools, and random pots/supplies/soils also.

Looked at those cheap plastic portable ones, and i dont think they fit my needs. Everything in my yard HAS to have a second purpose and those dont, nevermind storage after.

I guess i need a sanity check here. thanks


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