HFGH Question... Newbie needs help!!

13 years ago

I just found all the hfgh posts and i am having information overload. I have been planning on buying a greenhouse for the past month. Cost has kept me from purchasing a kit. I have toyed with the idea of framing a shed type and covering with plastic film.... much like all the tobacco growers here have. The hfgh seems like a great kit at a great price. I will make the modifications and strengthen it up. I can build the frame constuction for about the same price. I think the prefab kit will look a little better from the street. What are your experiences with plactic sheeting houses and how do they compare to the 6mm panels as far as heat retention and so on....

Seems like there will be as much work putting this kit together as constructing from scratch. I am torn but leaning towards the kit. I have a harbor freight right down from my fire station. They have the 10x12 in stock.

What is a list of starter accesories i will need? Exhaust fans, heaters. etc.

I will be starting seeds and trying to winter cannas and aroids etc if possible. I assume i will have to heat it in order to do so. Ky weather changes by the day!

I am so greatful for the knowledge bank available on this website!

I am an experienced gardener but have never had a greenhouse before. I have about 25 flats of seeds already growing in my basement! Too early but i am tired of waiting on spring!

Is there a link to greenhouse 101 somewhere? SOrry so long but i have so many ?????????

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