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Stump remover

15 years ago

I have several stumps that need to be removed. Tried to saw it off with a manual saw, and it's a job and a half!

Today I found something in Burgess Seed and Plant Co that offers this:

"Stump Remover. Just treat the stump and chemical action starts to decompose the wood. It will then burn completely down to the root tips with a slow smoldering red glow. Safe, no danger of fire. Leaves only ashes".

It must be some kind of chemical.

Does anyone have experience with it? Any other way to remove the stumps you can recommend? I wanted to rent a chainsaw, but they told me it is dangerous if one has never done it before. So, I chickened out.

In a meanwhile I plant heavily around the stumps. However in a wintertime it looks unattractive.

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