Maple Tree Damage or Bugs

10 years ago

Hi everyone

i've finally created an account after years of browsing.

I need some expert help. I have two October Glory maples planted 3 years ago in my front yard and both have trunk damage. I purchased them from a local nursery and have taken care to the best of my knowledge. Shortly after they were planted I noticed that the bark was damaged. It eventually flaked off and the 'damage' that you see now. The trees leaf out and look great with the exception of this trunk damage. I asked a tree service (arborist) to tell me if I should remove the tree but they insist it's okay. I even asked a different nursery if I should cut them down and replace and they said if the tree looks healthy than they would leave them.

Lastly, after I mulched this year I noticed a pile of white gooey stuff accumulating on the top of the mulch. Anyone know what this is.

thanks again!

Rugged in Tennessee

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